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Anti-capitalist protesters occupy wrong building

16 March 2015

10:46 AM

16 March 2015

10:46 AM

Hippies have invaded the heart of St. James’s, occupying a building on Pall Mall to protest the evils of capitalism. Yet it seems they did not do their homework…

123 Pall Mall, where the invading lefties have hoisted their banners, used to be the home of the Institute of Directors – and they were the clear target of the campaign.

However, the lease on the building was handed back by the IoD last summer, after an expansion at their headquarters down the road. The building is nothing to do with the business cheer leaders any more.

An IOD spokesman tells the Spectator:

‘We vacated this building six months ago, but there’s a chance there are some old Hayek or Adam Smith books left behind. Who knows, perhaps they’ll learn something.’

Smashing the system, one geography lesson at a time.

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