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Harry Potter star Rupert Grint makes a million

27 February 2015

9:30 AM

27 February 2015

9:30 AM

Since finishing filming Harry Potter, Rupert Grint has struggled to match the success of his former co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson in the acting world. The actor received mixed reviews for his recent turn on Broadway in  It’s Only a Play, with the Washington Post claiming his performance exhausted ‘the comic possibilities’.

However, Mr S is happy to reveal that while his acting credentials may have taken a beating of late, financially the 26-year-old thespian is still sitting comfortably. According to annual reports posted on Companies House today for his company Clay 10 Limited, the actor has made a profit of  just under £1.1 million for the year ending August 2014. The company is owned by Grint and has his father Nigel acting as director.

While this appears to be a decrease in profit compared to the £1.9 million listed in 2013 and the £8.6 million profit for 2012, he could have made an even larger sum in 2014 as these are only abbreviated accounts. This means that Grint may have paid extra money to himself in dividends issued by the company.

Not that Grint will be feeling the pinch anytime soon either way. The company is just a small part of the financial empire he has built for himself which includes a property portfolio on top of the estimated £24 million earned for his work in the eight Potter films.

Still, the actor has claimed his wealth has made it difficult for him to establish genuine friendships. ‘It took me a while to figure out whether someone was genuine or they had ulterior motives,’ he said last year.

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