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Lily Cole won’t join Russell’s revolution

6 January 2015

12:01 PM

6 January 2015

12:01 PM

As an environmentally-minded model who’s not shy of a student protest, Lily Cole would appear to be an ideal recruit for Russell Brand’s revolution.

Alas, Cole, who has a double first from Cambridge, has taken issue with the ‘pound-shop Ben Elton’s’ choice of wording.

‘He scares me when he uses the word revolution. I’m not a big fan of the word revolution,’ Cole says in an interview with the Radio Times. ‘I prefer evolution. If you look at history, revolution has always been… usually not very good.’

Cole does have something in common with the comedian, she has also been accused of promoting idealism while having great personal wealth, something she denies.

‘This fixating on the idea that money means something, whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing or is worth that much, shouldn’t really matter.’

Mr S has a sneaking suspicion that the majority would say money means something…

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