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Food fight in Parliament: Forks clash over ‘Red Meat Month’

14 January 2015

10:39 AM

14 January 2015

10:39 AM

Trouble is brewing in Parliament. First there was vegan month, which rattled the cages of the establishment’s red-blooded males, and now a proposal for a meat month has led to beef between a Tory MP and Peta.

The animal rights group have asked Neil Parish, who is chair of the All-Parliamentary Group on Animal Welfare, to reconsider his proposal for the carnivorous celebration, claiming the idea is ‘grossly irresponsible’.

Not put off by the hostile reception, Parish is pushing on with his plans for a ‘Red Meat Month,’ arguing it’s only fair Parliament’s restaurants celebrate British meat in the same way they have embraced the green stuff of late.

In an open letter sent to Steerpike, Parish has responded to Peta’s criticism. In it, he claims that if the entire population became vegetarian it could spell disaster for Britain’s agricultural industry.

The MP for Tiverton and Honiton is now in the process of writing to the House authorities to try and get his proposal approved.

If red meat does get the green light, Mr S is sure it will prove a lot more popular with the MPs than the fare served as part of Vegan Month.

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