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F***gate: How will the Tories deal with Flick Drummond’s campaign posters?

13 January 2015

8:00 AM

13 January 2015

8:00 AM

Flick Drummond’s campaign to win a Conservative seat in Portsmouth South has hit a bump in the road.

Word reaches Mr S that plans for a set of campaign posters for Flick had to be revised after the Conservatives realised that from a distance the poster could be misread as  -well, another word starting in F.

The issue appears to be with one particular set of Conservative election posters which has the candidate’s name all in upper case and white font.


The most recent Tory campaign poster from the Rochester by-election

When you put Flick Drummond’s name in this format, as Mr S did in the mock-ups shown, there is a rather unfortunate effect if viewed from a distance…


‘It’s bloody embarrassing but also bloody hilarious,’ a local Tory source says.

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