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Does Harriet Harman love or loathe Obama? It’s becoming hard to tell…

20 January 2015

1:44 PM

20 January 2015

1:44 PM

‘Most people will feel that Obama does not really know what is going on in this country,’ said a snappy Harriet Harman last night. The Labour deputy leader was sent out to bash the President after his glowing endorsement of David Cameron and tactical backing of the Tories for the May election.

But Harriet has changed her tune. It seems like just yesterday that she was lavishing praise on Obama, suggesting that we apply his magic tonic to our country:

‘Barack Obama’s campaign challenged pessimism and defied defeatism and said “yes we can” – and he made this happen. That’s what we need to do here as well.’

Six years later and Obama thinks Cameron has done just that. No wonder she’s angry.

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