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Podcast: Refugees, Ed Miliband and the Thames

6 November 2014

9:59 AM

6 November 2014

9:59 AM

Britain’s appalling record on refugees is a moral failure, and a national disgrace, says Justin Marozzi in this week’s issue of the Spectator. We are now witnessing a global crisis on a scale not seen for 20 years, and our only response is throw money at international development, while letting in far too few refugees. But as Douglas Murray argues, economic migrants to the UK have poisoned public tolerance for genuine asylum seekers. It’s time for a frank debate about immigration, he says. Justin and Douglas join Fraser Nelson on this week’s podcast, to discuss the moral arguments for and against letting in refugees.

Life isn’t easy for Cameron at the moment, but he can find some comfort in the fact that life is even more difficult for Ed Miliband, the new Mr Unpopular. As James Forsyth suggests in his column this week, you can’t run a ’35 per cent strategy’ when the Greens have knocked your vote into the low thirties. He’s joined by Isabel Hardman to discuss how Miliband lost his winning hand.

The Thames is undergoing a transformation, with large numbers of luxury apartments springing up alongside it in areas like Battersea and Chelsea. But as Ellis Woodman suggests, most of the proposals represent a missed opportunity for Londoners to reclaim the Thames; instead, foreign investors who aren’t interested in the heritage of London’s great river will snap up the flats. Ed Mead, a property expert, joins Ellis to discuss the riverside developments.

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