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Miliband triggers an outbreak of political unity – though not the sort Labour wants

7 November 2014

6:31 PM

7 November 2014

6:31 PM

Is the latest Labour leadership crisis actually triggering new wave of party unity? Lord Prescott, who has slammed Miliband as ‘timid’ for his ‘complacent’ leadership style, spotted John McTernan, Tony Blair’s former political secretary turned columnist, in the reception of the BBC after they had both been on the airwaves to discuss the party’s dire straits. ‘I remember when we used to disagree about things’ called out Prezza.

And it’s not just sparring partners in his own party who Ed is bringing together. At last some common ground has been found between Ukip and the Tories. ‘He’s the best thing going for absolutely everyone right now,’ one Ukip spin doctor said of Ed Miliband. The sentiment was echoed by a Tory spinner, who told Mr S: ‘We are working 24/7 to salvage Ed Miliband’s political career.’

That must be what Labour mean when they keep saying everyone is getting behind their leader.

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