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Podcast: Tory civil war, Scotland’s political soul and naked photos of celebrities

4 September 2014

12:44 PM

4 September 2014

12:44 PM

Do the Tories think they’ve already lost the election? Their behaviour is certainly beginning to suggest so. In this week’s issue, James Forsyth and Isabel Hardman discuss the civil war that is raging in the Conservative party. A party that should be readying itself for victory is now preparing to tear itself apart in opposition. But can Cameron do anything about this? Isabel, James and Fraser Nelson weigh up his options in this week’s podcast.

It’s a different story up in Scotland. The referendum debate has ignited politics, and galvanized both sides of the political spectrum. The Yes campaign has been impressive, and to its credit, has brought back conviction politics, says Alex Massie; it’s been as invigorating as a seaside walk on a raw and windswept spring morning. Fraser and Hamish Macdonell consider how this newfound political spirit might transform Scotland, whatever the outcome of the referendum.

And finally, is clicking on Jennifer Lawrence’s naked pictures really as bad as hacking and distributing them? That’s what some have been suggesting, but Hugo Rifkind isn’t quite sure he buys it. Jamie Bartlett, from think-tank Demos and Emma Barnett, the Telegraph’s women’s editor, discuss whether or not we can blame people for peeping at the pictures.

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