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In Palestine, homosexuality is a capital offence. Does Peter Tatchell not realise this?

11 September 2014

7:01 PM

11 September 2014

7:01 PM

Peter Tatchell has been awarded an honorary fellowship from Goldsmiths University for ’47 years of LGBTI activism’ and campaigning. I’m not sure I agree with these baubles, but if anyone deserves one, it’s probably Tatchell. A good man, by and large.

Tatchell has in turn passed on his honorary fellowship to Palestine, as a statement against the ‘occupation’ by Israel. Right on! Right on!

Let’s just briefly compare the treatment of LGBTI people in those two territories, then – Free Democratic Palestine and the Vile Fascist Entity.

The Palestinian National Authority awards the death penalty for homosexuals. In Israel homosexuality has been legal de facto since 1963 and de jure since 1988.

Palestine does not allow same-sex adoptions or the recognition of same-sex relationships. Israel allows for both.

Ok Pete?

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