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Yvette, don’t tell schoolboys to call themselves feminists

11 July 2014

7:03 PM

11 July 2014

7:03 PM

In the Independent this week, Yvette Cooper suggested that British boys should grow up as ‘confident feminists’. They need to have lessons in feminism to help them learn how to treat women, she argued.

A quick lesson for the shadow home secretary: school shouldn’t be a place where you indoctrinate pupils to believe a particular ideology. And feminism, for all its admirable achievements in the 20th century, is an ideology. Let’s not forget that.

Compulsory sex education in which boys are taught to be feminists is beyond silly. By all means explain that they shouldn’t go round lifting up girls’ skirts for a peek, but it’s possible to do this without telling them they must call themselves feminists. They might not like that kind of prescription. Schoolboys do tend to be a bit… truculent.

British schools already teach children about many of the prevailing ideologies that have shaped their short lives. But look and learn Yvette: you teach kids about the Nazis; you don’t dictate to them not to become little fascists. You don’t sit them down and tell them totalitarianism is wrong; you suggest they read Brave New World and Animal Farm – then ask them what they make of it. Same goes for feminism. Sylvia Plath and Virginia Woolf give good lessons – add their works to the curriculum. Show schoolboys feminism (and schoolgirls, for that matter), but don’t expect them to identify as feminists.

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