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Warning to all fasting Muslims!

17 July 2014

9:49 AM

17 July 2014

9:49 AM

Are all of Britain’s fasting Muslims about to die because of the heatwave? This is what’s worrying me as I sit in my darkened room — curtains drawn and lights down low, according to the official government advice. Dr Paul Cosford of something called ‘Public Health England’ said:

Many members of the Muslim community may be fasting during the current period of Ramadan. During hot weather it’s important to balance food and fluid intake between fasts and especially to drink enough water.’

One can only hope and pray that as most of England’s Muslims come from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, where the temperature exceeds on a daily basis what we’re experiencing for a few hours, they might be ok, Paul – huh?

Is it possible for our public health officials to be any more patronising or sensationalist?

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