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Podcast: a misogynistic reshuffle, punishment for ministers and why right-wing women are sexier

17 July 2014

9:44 AM

17 July 2014

9:44 AM

In this week’s Spectator, Melissa Kite argues that David Cameron’s reshuffle has been soured by misogyny. The PM doesn’t want the new women in his cabinet to do anything but look nice, she says. Louise Mensch begs to differ. She argues that talented women are rising to the top because they are impressive, and it’s offensive to suggest otherwise. Martha Gill discusses this with her on this week’s podcast.

The reshuffle wasn’t all about women though. In his column this week, Charles Moore argues that Cameron has punished the ministers who were brave and active, and target-bombed his party’s natural supporters. He discusses this with Fraser Nelson in the podcast.

Plus, are right-wing women sexier? Cosmo Landesman seems to think so. Good, caring lefty pro-feminists can’t ask — or pay — a women to dominate them; to tie them up or spank then. Right-wing women are much more obliging. Au contraire, says Margaret Corvid, a New Statesman columnist and socialist dominatrix. She takes Cosmo to task – and argues that sex can’t be divided up along political lines.


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