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Image is the least of Ed’s worries

25 July 2014

2:51 PM

25 July 2014

2:51 PM

What were Labour thinking? Against the background of Ukraine and Gaza, the only domestic story likely to cut through is an economic one. The news today is dominated by David Cameron, George Osborne and Nick Clegg wallowing in the success of the British economy. So what did Ed Miliband do? He made a speech about presentation for the Westminster village, of course. The SAS is on standby to land in Ukraine, Gaza crumbles and the IMF gives the UK a gold star for economic performance; but, look over there, Ed’s got something to say about the political-media nexus!

Miliband’s war on photo-ops is utterly laughable given that it came just days after he flew half-way round the world to pose for a picture with President Obama at a pointless meeting.

The Labour leader wonders why he gets a hard time. It’s a matter of credibility, far more than the fact that he’s a bit of a dork.

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