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Ed Miliband’s road to nowhere

11 July 2014

12:20 PM

11 July 2014

12:20 PM

Ed Miliband’s negotiations with the White House to meet his hero Barack Obama aren’t going well, Nick Robinson reported on the Today programme this morning:

‘Ed Miliband’s team are desperate not to ruin their man’s chances of a visit to the White House by talking them up… The Labour leader’s aides point out that he has already met Barack Obama, though not at the White House. Some even say that Michael Howard never got to go when he was leader of the opposition – before remembering, perhaps, that that’s not the best parallel to draw. Don’t be fooled though, in Washington DC they’re in no doubt this is a meeting the man who aspires to be our next Prime Minister wants and wants badly.’

The Labour leader’s positions on Syria and Palestine are coming back to haunt him as he demands to have his international cake and eat it too.

Mr S has mused before over why exactly Labour are paying Obama’s former campaign wizard David Axelrod a comfortable six figure sum. His work doesn’t seem to be paying off at home, and it’s clearly not paying off in terms of influence across the pond.

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