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A pundit for a PM

8 July 2014

5:51 PM

8 July 2014

5:51 PM

A new Coffee House competition: who can identify the most pointless comment on events made by our PM?

You’ll be spoilt for choice. Cameron has become, these days, Britain’s uber-pundit. No celebrity death goes unlamented by the PM; no news story is too trivial, or too serious for him to spit out a soundbite, grandstanding, passing judgment, or passing the buck. ‘I am determined that lessons will be learnt,’ ‘This must never happen again’ etc etc.

Here’s a recent one that’s irritated me. After an announcement that airports are to tighten security, DC announced with great gravitas: ‘The safety of passengers must come first.’ Well, yes, thanks PM. First before what? The safety of Islamists?

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