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Is a Luis Suárez musical on the cards?

26 June 2014

1:29 PM

26 June 2014

1:29 PM

For the moment we only have one genius song by Tom Rosenthal, Hey Luis Don’t Bite Me (hear it below), but surely a full-blown musical isn’t far away. In the meantime we can’t wait for Hey Luis to hit the football stands:

‘There’s a party in your brain,
no one is invited and no one ever came,
what is going on?
what on earth is going on in there?

There’s magic in your feet.
Diamonds in your feet, wolves in your eyes,
Wait for the surprise, wait for the big surprise.

Hey Luis Luis don’t bite me,

Tough to be a genius,
tough to be a man,
tough to be a horse,
tough to be a frog
tough to be a football
tough to be alive

You’re not getting wiser,
you’re not getting smarter,
but you’re sure getting bolder,
oh what a love
what a love for the shoulders

A psychoanalysts dream
you gotta lie down,
tell them what it means
maybe they can work it out
maybe no one can work you out

Always carry snacks,
save your fellow man
from your crazy mouth attacks ,
oh louis we all get hungry

Hey Luis Luis don’t bite me’

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