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Ukip are like the Russian rebels in Ukraine, says David Aaronovitch. Seriously.

29 May 2014

3:41 PM

29 May 2014

3:41 PM

The latest spurt of bile from the metro left about UKIP, and the people who voted for Ukip, comes from the extremely self-satisfied David Aaronovitch, a chap who grows more absurd each year as his waistline becomes ever more vast. Next to nobody voted for UKIP, he maintains. The 73 per cent of the population who didn’t vote for them (the majority of these, of course, did not vote at all) wish the party to simply “go away”. I thought you’d enjoy this extract – he is the first of his breed to compare UKIP supporters to the Russian rebels in Ukraine, who are of course another collective bete noir for the likes of David:

‘Ukip and its partisans are the furious folk who always lay militant claim to represent the rest of us. In that sense they are like the Donetsk separatists: guys out on the streets preening about with bazookas in front of the cameras, blathering about the people’s will and bamboozling the foreign journalists. They make all the noise and suck up all the air. Meanwhile the majority of people are sitting tight indoors silently hoping that they’ll go away.’ 

Brilliant, huh?

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