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When is a party not a celebration?

15 April 2014

12:12 PM

15 April 2014

12:12 PM

Former Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans stood on the steps of Preston Crown Court last week and said:

‘This isn’t a time for celebration or euphoria. Bill Roache just a few weeks ago from this very spot said there are no winners in these cases and that’s absolutely right. There are no winners. So no celebrations.’

No celebrations. Except for a drinks party hosted by David Davis as soon as parliament returns from the Easter recess. Writing to MPs and chums, Davis said:

‘As you all know Nigel Evans has had the most miserable of years and has suffered what can only be described as the most hideous of injustices. I would like to make his return to the House one in which he is made to feel welcome by as many people as possible.’

Sources suggest that this is not a ‘victory party’; but Mr S imagines that Sarah Wollaston might want to give it a miss.

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