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Podcast: Adapting to climate change, monogamy in gay marriage and new forms of electioneering

3 April 2014

8:41 AM

3 April 2014

8:41 AM

Is the world finally realising it has to adapt to, rather than halt, climate change? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Matt Ridley discusses this week’s Spectator cover on the IPCC’s latest climate change report with Fraser Nelson. What do the findings mean for climate sceptics and the green lobby? How has the received wisdom on climate change shifted over the past eight years? And how big of a political issue is climate change?

Julie Bindel and Douglas Murray also discuss gay marriage and the new responsibilities that come with it. Should gay marriages follow the same monogamous virtues as heterosexual marriages? Has the gay rights movement been taken over by too many conservative ideals? Is marriage a failed institution anyway?

Plus, James Forsyth and Isabel Hardman explain why there is a real chance of reforming Whitehall after the next election. With all three parties having a shot at power after 2015, will the civil service listen to their concerns? And how are each of the parties changing their election tactics to improve their chances?

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