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Britain is sexier than France, says Jean Paul Gaultier

23 April 2014

5:03 PM

23 April 2014

5:03 PM

If the French are flocking to Britain, it’s not just down to a 75 per cent tax hike on the super-rich. Multi-millionaire designer, Jean Paul Gaultier comes to the UK for a different reason.

“The British have a lot of connection with the sexual, which is something that I appreciate. None of this ‘No sex- we are British.’ It is more like ‘A lot of sex- we are British!’”

The designer, who opened a retrospective exhibition in the Barbican this month, told Mr S that the French are “snobbish” and he comes to London to “to have fun”.

“Britain represents iconoclastic creativity, individuality – things that we don’t know so much in France.”

Tax that President Hollande.

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