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Vladimir Putin’s right about one thing: the West doesn’t observe its own rules

21 March 2014

10:10 AM

21 March 2014

10:10 AM

Congratulations to Stephen Glover for writing perhaps the only sensible piece about the Crimean crisis.

There is a certain force, too, to Putin’s charge that the West believes itself a chosen people to whom the normal moral rules do not apply. We have meddled, frequently with the help of military might, to spread our own creed of liberal evangelism across the world, regardless or not as to whether the people to whose aid we have come actually share our aspirations. It has been a staggeringly unsuccessful policy. Look at Iraq. Look at Syria. Look at Afghanistan.

I wonder too about the way the media reports these crusades. A while back I blogged here that we were not given the true picture of public feeling in Ukraine, suggesting that the east and south of the country, including Crimea, might view the defenestration of a democratically elected president with outrage. That was right, wasn’t it?

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