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Coffee Shots: Politicians help voters imagine the impossible

6 March 2014

9:54 AM

6 March 2014

9:54 AM

David Cameron spoke to Barack Obama on the phone last night. That’s pretty difficult to imagine, isn’t it? A man on the phone. Screw up your eyes and furrow your brow all you like: you’ll never quite make that mental leap to imagining what a chap on the phone really does look like. So thank goodness that the Prime Minister is there to help you out. Last night he didn’t just tell us that he’d been on the phone, he tweeted out a photo of him on the phone with a Serious Phone Face. Still a bit difficult to imagine, though, isn’t it? He should have added an audioboo of him talking in his Special Phone Voice.

It’s not the first time Cameron has helped us imagine what he looks like on the phone, though. Here he is on the phone to Gavin Short of the Falkland Islands Legislative Assembly, after the result of the referendum:


And here he is on the phone to Barack Obama, again, but this time with a Special Congratulatory Phone Face:


Politicians are always banging on about how clever voters are. But they seem remarkably suspicious of the electorate’s ability to imagine them carrying out everyday actions. Here’s George Osborne, letting us know that when he prepares a speech, he sits at a table (albeit one furnished with a special posh faux Man of the People burger) and hunches a little:


And here’s David Cameron showing us that when he watches the Olympic games, he sits down by the TV, holding the remote and looking a bit uncomfortable in a special t-shirt. Although perhaps it’s best that he did tweet that as we would never have imagined that anyone actually watches the TV like that.

David Cameron watching the boxing

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