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Smoking in cars is banned. The state’s next stop is your living room

11 February 2014

7:36 PM

11 February 2014

7:36 PM

How the hell do we keep the kids quiet in the car now that we can’t subdue them with tobacco smoke? I suppose we’ll have to resort to slipping a tranquiliser into their in-car snacks, somehow.

Parliament has now voted to make it illegal to smoke in a car when there are children in the back. Or the front, I suppose. I don’t know anyone who does this anyway, frankly. The British Lung Foundation, a pressure group which campaigns for equal rights for all lungs, regardless of colour, creed or gender, has stated that 430,000 children aged between 11-15 are subjected to cigarette smoke in cars every week. Where did they get that figure from? I have not seen the slightest evidence to suggest that it is true. Some paediatrician on the radio said that smoking in cars increased the risk of viral meningitis. No it doesn’t. That is an absurd statement. I used to feel sympathy for paediatricians when enraged members of our untermensch beat them up or set them on fire, believing that they fiddled with kiddies. Now I’m not so sure.

This is the intrusion of the state into the home. And it will be your houses next. And once they’ve stopped you smoking at home, they’ll start on your diet and your drinking. There are no limits.

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