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PMQs: Ed Miliband wants belief in climate change to be an article of faith

26 February 2014

1:17 PM

26 February 2014

1:17 PM

Ed Miliband again went on climate change and the floods at Prime Minister’s Questions. Miliband believes that Cameron is vulnerable on this subject, that people will notice how Cameron – who used to say ‘Vote Blue, Go Green’ – has now gone cold on this issue.

But the danger for Miliband is that he is, perhaps, too passionate about the subject. He asked David Cameron if you had to ‘believe’ in man-made climate change to serve in the current government. Miliband’s use of the word ‘believe’ is rather telling, he wants this treated more like an article of faith than anything else.

Then, there’s the fact that the measures that follow from the belief that man-made climate change is a clear and present danger are not popular. Indeed, Miliband’s most popular policy—his energy price freeze—goes against what you should do if climate change is this serious threat. If it is, then you should want the price of carbon based energy to increase rapidly. If Miliband wants to keep talking about climate change, he is going to have to square this circle. ​

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