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Philip Seymour Hoffman found dead in New York

2 February 2014

8:27 PM

2 February 2014

8:27 PM

The Oscar-award winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has been found dead,  aged just 46, in his New York apartment this evening. According to reports, he appears to have died from a drug overdose. Hoffman was known to have battled  substance abuse for several years.

Hoffman was popular with The Spectator’s critics. Last April Clarissa Tan wrote that Hoffman gave a ‘stellar turn’ as Robert Gelbart in A Late Quarter. As well as finding his directing debut Jack Goes Boating ‘sublime’, our film reviewer Deborah Ross was particularly impressed with Hoffman’s performance  in The Master — writing that Joaquin Phoenix and Hoffman gave ‘two of the most blistering performances you will see for an unspecified time period’:

‘Hoffman, meanwhile, is so impressively charismatic that whether he actually believes all the guff he comes out with — our spirits, apparently, go back trillions of years — doesn’t especially matter’

Reviewing Charlie Wilson’s War, Ross found Hoffman’s turn to be ‘entirely convincing as well as wonderfully hilarious’. Even in a negative review of The Boat That Rocked, she said Hoffman was part of a ‘stellar cast’.

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