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Podcast: Britain’s one child policy, a repentant Tory rebel and the coalition’s open marriage

30 January 2014

8:24 AM

30 January 2014

8:24 AM

Does Britain have a one-child policy? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Alec Marsh discusses the death of the big middle class family. Is this a distinct policy from the government or simply families making different choices? Why are some rich and poorer families still having lots of children? Is this trend a result of the squeeze on the cost of living?

Fraser Nelson also discusses the rebellious nature of Conservatives backbenchers with Douglas Carswell MP. Is now the time for Tories to toe the line and get behind David Cameron? Why has Carswell changed his mind and withdrawn his support to a disruptive amendment to the Immigration Bill? Should his colleagues do the same?

Plus James Forsyth and Isabel Hardman discuss how the coalition has become an open marriage. How will the two partners begin to differentiate without destroying the coalition? How open are the Lib Dems to another coalition? And will Nick Clegg remain leader by the next general election?

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