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Have your say on the EU

9 January 2014

2:23 PM

9 January 2014

2:23 PM

The EU commission office in London was kind enough to send me this, a warmup for a ‘town-hall style meeting’ on the part of the Vice-President of the Commission, Viviane Reding, though I’m not entirely sure that the Royal Institution is quite your normal town hall. Anyway, something of the spirit of the open primary has entered the EU so I think Coffee Housers should enthusiastically take up the invitation to get involved in the online discussion. Quite what will happen to the contributions afterwards is anyone’s guess; but let’s not be churlish – it’s the blight of every consultation exercise. Anyway, let us hope that the discussion does actually represent popular sentiment in some form; over to you folks. Be nice.

Have your say on what the EU should be doing

The Citizens’ Dialogue comes to London on 10 February 2014

What is this?

Vice-President of the European Commission, Viviane Reding, will be coming to London on 10 February to hold a town-hall style meeting. This will be an opportunity for people to articulate their hopes for and concerns about the EU directly to one of its senior officials.

In the lead up to the event, there is an online dialogue for collecting ideas for discussion on the day and allowing those that cannot physically attend to make their voice heard. The online dialogue, like the main event, will be grouped around three themes: After the crisis, your EU rights and the future of Europe. The authors of the most popular and most commented ideas will be invited to present them at the event itself.

British Sign Language interpretation will be available at the 10 February event.

How can we take part?

1. You can go to and put forward your ideas.

2. You can hold an event with your membership or offer another way to collect their ideas, in case some of them do not have internet access.

3. You can email ideas to comm-rep-lon-networks @ and we will upload them to the site for you.

4. Come along to the event, which will be at the Royal Institution, Albemarle Street on 10 February 2014. You can register online at or send an email to the address in point 3.

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