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Former ministers, 1922 chair and Labour grandees back rebel deportation call

27 January 2014

12:19 PM

27 January 2014

12:19 PM

The list of MPs supporting Dominic Raab’s amendment on deportation to the Immigration Bill has now been published, and as predicted, it contains some very big names indeed. Andrew Mitchell has signed, along with 1922 Committee chairman Graham Brady, former policing minister Nick Herbert, former justice minister Crispin Blunt, and Labour grandees such as David Blunkett and Hazel Blears.

There are currently 104 MPs signed up to support the amendment: the majority of them Conservative. It calls for foreign criminals to only avoid deportation if they risk being killed or tortured on their return.

The last time this amendment was due to be debated as part of the Crime and Courts Bill, PPSs demanded to be able to support it without getting into trouble. There is a possibility that the same thing will happen again this time round – and ministers don’t have the excuse of the Leveson legislation now to avoid a vote.

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