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David Cameron and Ed Miliband pay tribute to Nelson Mandela

5 December 2013

11:01 PM

5 December 2013

11:01 PM

Downing Street has released the following statement from David Cameron:

‘A great light has gone out in the world. Nelson Mandela was a towering figure in our time; a legend in life and now in death – a true global hero. Across the country he loved they will be mourning a man who was the embodiment of grace. Meeting him was one of the great honours of my life. My heart goes out to his family – and to all in South Africa and around the world whose lives were changed through his courage.’

Ed Miliband has also released a statement on the death of Nelson Mandela:

‘The world has lost the inspirational figure of our age.

‘Nelson Mandela taught people across the globe the true meaning of courage, strength, hope and

‘From campaigner to prisoner to President to global hero, Nelson Mandela will always be remembered for his dignity, integrity and his values of equality and justice.

‘He was an activist who became President and a President who always remained an activist. Right to the end of his life he reminded the richest nations of the world of their responsibilities to the poorest.

‘Above all, he showed us the power of people, in the cause of justice, to overcome the mightiest obstacles.

‘He moved the world and the world will miss him deeply.

“During the struggle against apartheid, the Labour party was proud to stand with the people of South Africa in solidarity. Today we stand with the people of South Africa in mourning.’

Here’s Barack Obama’s statement:-

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