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Well said Ian Katz. It’s Labour who should be ashamed, not you

10 September 2013

8:33 PM

10 September 2013

8:33 PM

I see the new Newsnight editor, Ian Katz, is in trouble for having ‘tweeted’ about the performance of one of the programme’s guests in an ungallant manner. He described the Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Rachel Reeves, as being ‘boring snoring’ during her interview with Paxo. The Labour Party has demanded an apology and suggests that Katz’s comments ‘undermine the neutrality of the programme’.

As a party member, could I just be allowed to say ‘piss off Labour?’  Katz’s tweet – and why he feels the need to utilise this medium Christ alone knows – revealed no such thing. In fact, I suspect Katz is a Labour supporter. He said Reeves was boring because she was truly bloody boring, a head office apparatchik determined to recite robotic anodyne idiocies instead of addressing properly the questions she was being asked. Paxo was bored, I was bored, the rest of audience was bored and somewhere way above us all God was bored stiff too. So well said, Mr Katz.

On a related note, though, perhaps Ian could do something to stop his reporter, Stephen Smith, attempting to burrow himself up the fundament of ‘edgy’ pop musicians. His interview with the excellent Arctic Monkeys was so bad I’m still cringing today.

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