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The View from 22: the end of political parties, RBS and Lib Dem conference preview

12 September 2013

8:37 AM

12 September 2013

8:37 AM

Have political parties had their day? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Ross Clark and Fraser Nelson debate whether party conferences are now pointless, filled with lobbyists not members, and whether parties no longer have a purpose. Are we entering a post-party politics? What, if anything, can be done to fix the relationship between Britain’s interest in politics and our parties?

The Telegraph’s Iain Martin also discusses the breakup of RBS with the publication of his new book Making It Happen this week. What did RBS fail in such a spectacular fashion? How strong was the Scottish connection to the financial crash? Was Fred the Shred entirely responsible? What role did Alex Salmond and Gordon Brown play in RBS’ downfall?

Plus, James Forsyth and Isabel Hardman preview the Liberal Democrats’ annual conference in Glasgow next week and why Nick Clegg need not worry about a leadership putsch, as some had expected.

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The View from 22 — 5 September 2013. Length: 28:27

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