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Exclusive: Damian McBride on Alastair Campbell: ‘he hasn’t lost any of his old hounding skills’

25 September 2013

4:26 PM

25 September 2013

4:26 PM

Damian McBride has written the Diary for this week’s edition of the Spectator. It’s a masterpiece in mischief.

Mr Steerpike spluttered his coffee when he read Mad Dog’s thoughts on Bad Al Campbell’s reaction to the publication of Power Trip: Campbell hit the airwaves and bombarded McBride online, casting himself as some sort moral paragon when it comes to the world of spin. As McBride puts it:

‘I thought about replying that he hasn’t lost any of his old hounding skills, but decided it would be in bad taste.’

The repentant sinner-spinner has lost none of his brio, then; although he concedes: ‘I may be learning slowly, but I’m learning.’ No doubt Campbell will take this with the understated dignity we have come to expect from him.

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