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David Cameron’s Small Island songs

6 September 2013

3:21 PM

6 September 2013

3:21 PM

In response to some snarky comments from Russia about Britain, the Prime Minister has just released this bizarre statement on his Google+ page about how he feels about our country:

‘Britain may be a small island, but I would challenge anyone to find a country with a prouder history, a bigger heart or greater resilience.

‘Britain is an island that has helped to clear the European continent of fascism – and was resolute in doing that throughout World War Two.

‘Britain is an island that helped to abolish slavery, that has invented most of the things worth inventing, including every sport currently played around the world, that still today is responsible for art, literature and music that delights the entire world.

‘We are very proud of everything we do as a small island – a small island that has the sixth-largest economy, the fourth best-funded military, some of the most effective diplomats, the proudest history, one of the best records for art and literature and contribution to philosophy and world civilisation.

‘For the people who live in Northern Ireland, I should say we are not just an island, we are a collection of islands. I don’t want anyone in Shetland or Orkney to feel left out by this.

‘I’m thinking of setting this to music…

UPDATE: David Cameron was asked about his statement at the G20 summit, and took the opportunity to repeat his fulsome praise for Britain. Listen to what he said below.

We’ve put our heads together at Old Queen Street and put together some suitable songs that would go alongside this statement. For your listening pleasure: Elgar, Elvis Costello, Vera Lynn and The Clash:

Any other suitable songs? Let us know below.

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