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Sales of The Spectator: first half of 2013

15 August 2013

12:15 PM

15 August 2013

12:15 PM

The ABC circulation figures for The Spectator are out today. But they show only print sales which, in the digital age, are now just part of the story. Many of our readers are migrating to digital, especially our overseas subscribers who can now access The Spectator online and via the Spectator app on the same day as British readers.

We have cut back a bit on overseas distribution, and the ABC print figure, published today, shows a 2.5 per cent decline for the first half of this year. But digital sales are up 25 per cent and together, print and digital come to 68,400. We will pass the 70,000 mark before the year is out, with a long-term target of 100,000.

There’s plenty in digital pipeline: The Spectator Australia will soon have its own app for iPad and iPhone and we will soon launch a Spectator app for all Android platforms. Our website will soon be optimised for all mobile devices. And we have some exciting website developments coming up (watch this space).

Downloads for our podcast, The View from 22, are already well into six figures. Our online traffic is more than double what it was last summer, with over 2m monthly page impressions and around 750,000 unique users.

The Spectator turned 185 this year: we’re the oldest continuously published magazine in the English language. And yet we can say, with some confidence, that the best years are ahead of us. Never have so many people read The Spectator, and soon more people will be buying the magazine than at any point in our long history. To join them, at the introductory price of £1 a week, click here.


PS: A full breakdown of our sales and circulation figures can be found here

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