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Coffee House

Audio: politicians mull intervening in Syria

28 August 2013

3:53 PM

28 August 2013

3:53 PM

Their holidays interrupted, MPs are trying to decide what they think about Syria as they return to Westminster for tomorrow’s House of Commons debate on military action. For those trying to make up their minds, and work out what everyone else thinks, Coffee House has compiled a helpful briefing of audio clips from across the political spectrum.

Here’s David Cameron sounding like an eleven-year-old boy with a box of toy soldiers:


Here’s the Labour front-bench being characteristically vague:

Here’s military expert Professor Michael Clarke warning that ‘there’s absolutely no quick military solution’ to the crisis:

Nick Clegg is on hand to fail miserably to convince anyone that ‘what we’re not considering…is trying to topple the Assad regime’ while simultaneously advocating intervention:

Meanwhile Diane Abbott predicts a re-run of the Iraq War:

Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn complains of the lack of consultation within his Party:

Among his partners in dissent is Tory MP Adam Holloway, who argues that getting involved in Syria would be ‘pure foolishness’:

US Secretary of Defence Chuck Hagel’s message is clear, however – ‘We’re ready to go’:

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