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Coffee Shots: Egg Miliband

14 August 2013

2:18 PM

14 August 2013

2:18 PM

Poor old Ed Miliband, attempting a comeback and ending up with egg all over his face instead. Mr Steerpike isn’t a vicious chap and feels for the Labour leader, now cowering in a South London greasy spoon after being egged by a man who said he’d have voted for David Miliband and that Labour no longer supports the poor. Miliband seemed to take the whole thing rather well, grinning as his aides crowded around him to brush off the yolk.

So who is the egger? Dean Porter, who prefers to call himself @realdeanporter on Twitter and officialdeanporter on Facebook (presumably anticipating his eggsplosion to stardom in East Street market), is apparently a ‘Keen Cyclist, Athiest [sic] & anti hero’.

Miliband campaign visit to south London

Here are some of his enlightening tweets after the event:




Still, at least Ed will have picked up some tips from last year’s egging. Perhaps it will become an annual event, like Ed Balls Day.

UPDATE, 14.35: 

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