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The Spectator’s summer party, in pictures

4 July 2013

1:03 PM

4 July 2013

1:03 PM

Last night, a terrific party was held in Old Queen Street for The Spectator. Our editor Fraser Nelson, looking a little bleary eyed two days after the birth of his third child, still somehow managed to smile at Pippa Middleton, our sports and adventure correspondent. Here is a selection of photos from the bash, courtesy of Alan Davidson and Danny Welch


Fraser Nelson and Pippa Middleton Photo: AD

2013-07-03 19.35.32

Freddy Gray, Pippa Middleton and Nico Jackson    (Photo: DW)


Rachel Johnson and Paul Johnson (no relation) Photo: AD


Michael Howard, Dorrit Moussaieff and Martin Sorrell     (Photo: AD)

The Spectator Magazine Summer Party

Taki , of High Life, and Chris Ruddy of Newsmax    (Photo: AD) 

The Spectator Magazine Summer Party

Rod Liddle and his wife, Alicia Monckton (Photo: AD)


Susie Squire, James Forsyth and Francis Maude (Photo: DW)


Rachel Johnson and Andrew Neil  (Photo: DW)


David Davies and Nick Robinson (Photo: DW)


Liam Fox MP and David Dinsmore, new editor of The Sun (Photo: DW)

The Spectator Magazine Summer Party

David Davis and David Starkey (Photo: AD)

2013-07-03 20.14.21

 Adam Helliker, Mary Reid and Mary Wakefield Photo: DW

2013-07-03 20.16.46

Cartoon editor Michael Heath (centre) and guests

2013-07-03 20.43.18

Jon Sopel, Daisy Dunn and Emily Maitlis

The Spectator Magazine Summer Party

Stephen Bayley

James Forsyth, George Osborne and Fraser Nelson

James Forsyth, George Osborne and Fraser Nelson


Andrew Neil and Susan Nilsson


Olivia Cole and Danielle Wall (Editor and deputy editor of Spectator Life)

Click here to see more photos from our summer party

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