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Michael Gove’s naked ambition

6 June 2013

2:15 PM

6 June 2013

2:15 PM

High politics can be a grubby business. To a backstreet Westminster pub last night to watch Michael Gove fill the re-election coffers of Tory MP Tobias Elwood.

The Tory party likes Michael Gove, and Michael Gove evidently likes the Tory party (unlike David Cameron, who can barely conceal his contempt). The education secretary worked the room with ease, wit and joie de vivre. Soon, the Gove stand-up show was in full-flow. One attendee asked how Gove deals with Andrew Neil’s tough Sunday interviews. ‘Oh, I just imagine him naked,’ replied Mr Gove.

Leadership wannabe, Adam Afriyie may want to adopt this technique, assuming he braves the line of fire again.

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