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The View from 22 – Nigel Farage debates future of Ukip, the return of Nadine Dorries, Eurovision and a Boris for Paris

16 May 2013

9:39 AM

16 May 2013

9:39 AM

Does David Cameron have a plan for dealing with the EU? In this week’s Spectator magazine, James Forsyth reveals that No.10 has little idea of how they will actually renegotiate Britain’s relationship with Europe. Cameron’s position risks dividing the Conservative party and pushing us automatically down the road to withdrawal.

On the latest View form 22 podcast, Ukip leader Nigel Farage debates the Conservative MP Kris Hopkins on whether the Tories or Ukip are the party of progress on the EU. Are Ukip a party of policy or protest? How does Farage expect to do in the European elections? And will electorate rally round the Conservatives or continue to float away to Ukip in the final run up to the general election?

Farage also reveals he is not opposed to Nadine Dorries’ suggestion of joint Ukip/Tory candidates at the 2015 election. Will this offer a route for disenfranchised Tories to remain loyal to their parities, yet still feeling they have a philosophy they can fully identify with? James Forsyth and Isabel Hardman examine the current mood in Parliament and why the Conservative party is tying itself into knots over Europe. Does Britain not have bigger problems to face? Or is a a conversation on Europe no longer an excuse to leave a Westminster dining table?

Plus, Freddy Gray discusses his Spectator lunch with Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, a candidate in the Paris Mayor elections, who visited Boris Johnson this week hoping to grab some of his magic. Fraser Nelson also makes the case for why the Eurovision song contest is more than just a camp spectacle.

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