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Ken Clarke: decent chap, but wrong about everything

29 April 2013

1:29 PM

29 April 2013

1:29 PM

Kenneth Clarke has always seemed, to me, a decent sort. By far the most likeable and least lordly and arrogant of those Euro-wanking wets who plagued Thatcher and, later, Major. Nonetheless, he is always wrong. About everything. If you are ever in doubt about where you should stand on a particular issue, find out what Ken’s thinking and immediately think the opposite. You won’t go far wrong.

And so it is with his branding of UKIP as ‘closet racists’. It seems almost superfluous to say it, but of course it is not racist to feel a bit uneasy about the levels of immigrations we have endured in this country of late. And the antipathy at large among the population is not largely directed at the incomers, but at fat, complacent liberal legislators who encouraged their entry – ie Ken, among others. I think the public has grown up a bit and is no longer gulled when told that they cannot hold the views they hold because they are ‘racist’.

For sure, there will be plenty of loons emerging from UKIP’s vast list of candidates. But the support the party is getting now is a consequence of a failure on the part of the main three parties to address wholly legitimate worries from the country at large over both immigration and the Euro. Ken opening his big fat gob will only suggest that they were right to switch their votes.

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