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Rolf Harris: accused, but not charged.

21 April 2013

2:13 PM

21 April 2013

2:13 PM

I always thought there was something a little bit sinister about that Jake The Peg character. With what he refers to as his ‘extra leg’, m’lud. And then, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I would draw your attention to the follow up hit which was entitled, signally, ‘Two Little Boys’…………

So, now it’s Rolf Harris – and Channel Five has been forced to pull its scheduled transmission of ‘Olive The Ostrich’, in case Rolf’s alleged guilt somehow seeps out of the television screen and into the innocent and vulnerable ears of toddlers. But guilt of what? As with almost all of the rest of the celebrities arrested with great fanfare by the old bill – dawn swoops, computers carried away in plastic bags etc – Harris has not actually been charged with anything at all. Interviewed twice, no charges. Left swinging in the breeze these last five months since the Operation Yewtree police first did their dawn swooping thing, his career and reputation smashed. In fact, since Operation Yewtree began in October last year, just one person has actually been charged. Lots of well-loved pensioners arrested and their lives shattered, but just one charge – at a cost to us all of more than two million quid. Wouldn’t Operation Over-Compensation not be a better name for it?

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