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Jack Straw’s parting gift

27 February 2013

3:58 PM

27 February 2013

3:58 PM

Jack Straw cropped up in the Telegraph yesterday claiming that even if Iran does acquire nuclear weapons it wouldn’t be worth going to war over. This, it will be remembered, is the same man who as Foreign Secretary argued for full-scale military intervention in Iraq to disarm that country of Weapons of Mass Destruction which it turned out not to have.

Happily, putting Straw’s advice to the test, this morning’s Telegraph contains information about Iran’s ‘Plan B’ effort to gain nuclear weaponry right under the nose of the international inspections professionals. So it looks like Jack Straw’s best advice may yet work out. And what a legacy that would leave. As one final career high he may be successful in encouraging the world to stand by as the most genocide-happy regime gains possession of the most genocidal weaponry and starts a nuclear arms-race across the region.

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