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The Change4Life adverts have got it all wrong

7 January 2013

3:02 PM

7 January 2013

3:02 PM

Have you seen these Change4Life adverts the government has shoved on the television to stop fat chavs eating themselves to death? They suggest that people grate some carrot into their ‘spag bol’ and ‘eat some nuts and raisins’. Diane Abbott, for it is she, has rightly condemned the adverts as being patronising, insulting and a waste of money.

She might have added that the people most at risk are not the sort of people who will be preparing, from scratch, a ‘spag bol’. They will, at best, be putting ready meals in the oven and at worst eating takeaways. The misapprehension is that people are not aware that what they are eating might make them fat, or raise their blood pressure. They know this full well, but don’t care. And the more fat munters there are around, the less they care, because it becomes the norm.

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