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Tatler canine bloodbath

15 January 2013

10:50 AM

15 January 2013

10:50 AM

Tragedy has struck Vogue House this morning as the sad news emerges that Tatler’s famous in house dachshund, Alan TBH Plumptre, is dead. Details are sketchy at the  moment and Condé Nast are refusing to comment beyond saying that there was an ‘accident’, but Mr Steerpike can reveal London’s most glamorous puppy was killed by the revolving doors.

Alan’s owner, editor’s assistant Jennifer George, has broken the corporate silence: ‘he was so awesome and so very loved’. The little dog’s loyal social media following is distraught: pictures of Alan looking cute in the office were never ending. Thankfully no one was sick enough to capture his last moments, because, if rumours going around the building are true, the poor wee hound was decapitated.

UPDATE: Fashionable sources stress that rumours of decapitation are untrue, though The Spectator understands that it was still rather grizzly. Fire engines had to be called to free the poor pup.

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