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Moore, Burchill etc. redux

18 January 2013

11:32 AM

18 January 2013

11:32 AM

It’s an odd thing. I had been a little nervous of writing (subscribe here) about the Suzanne Moore twitter business because, much though I like and respect Moore and Burchill and the excellent Julie Bindel, it seemed to me to be a Crouch End dispute of negligible wider importance. And here we were with Algeria on fire, our Prime Minister poised to make some historic fudge on the EU and northerners freezing their balls off in ten feet of snow, and benefits being cut a bit and horses being devoured by the untermensch and so on and so on. Hugely important stuff.

And yet online at least, the Moore stuff provoked an overwhelming response, both pro and anti. It was not, in the end, a cop out to avoid writing about Al Qaeda’s nascent control of the transitionary zone, the Sahel, between the bit of Africa covered in sand and full of maniacs and the bit of Africa covered in jungle and full of maniacs. Instead it seems to be what everyone wanted. We need to persuade the metro-lefties to have this sort of dispute every week, I think, to give us all a laugh and take our minds off the real world.

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