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2012, the best year ever: Coffee House highlights

31 December 2012

5:27 PM

31 December 2012

5:27 PM

2012 has been a superb year: Spectator readers already know that after reading our leading article which detailed the evidence for 2012 being the greatest year in the history of the world. It has also been a busy year on Coffee House, and here are some of the highlights.

Top ten most-read blogs:

1. ‘One Pound Fish’ singer deported, by Shiraz Maher
2. The one thing worse than universal benefits? Means-testing them, by Melanie McDonagh
3. The small-minded people of the abortion debate, by Freddy Gray
4. How Cameron made ministers cry, by James Forsyth
5. Andrew Neil’s eulogy for Sir Alastair Burnet, by Andrew Neil
6. Obama’s new ethnic majority, by John O’Sullivan
7. Why the Tories aren’t worried about the benefit wars, by Isabel Hardman
8. The danger of the This Morning paedophile list, by James Forsyth
9. Was Andrew Mitchell framed? by Fraser Nelson
10. Alex Salmond booed by crowd in Glasgow, by Hamish Macdonell

Top five most commented:

1. I hear Owen Jones was on Question Time last night, was he awful? by Rod Liddle
2. ‘One Pound Fish’ singer deported, by Shiraz Maher
3. Another BBC scandal: hiding their climate change agenda, by Sebastian Payne
4. Don’t be fooled: UKIP is not a libertarian party, by Alex Massie
5. Some questions for the apologists of Hamas, by Douglas Murray

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