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Oh say can you see, MPs on a jolly

7 November 2012

5:55 PM

7 November 2012

5:55 PM

Team Cameron, as my colleague James Forysth points out, are rather pleased with Obama’s victory. Downing Street’s finest have been pushing the idea that Barack Obama’s victory speech echoed, word for word, Cameron’s constant refrain that ‘we are all in this together’ and that the ‘inherited economic mess’ is slowly being overcome. Dave the Statesman, don’t you know?

Obama has his admirers on the Opposition benches, as we know. The Labour Party was out in force at the two biggest victory bashes in central London last night: CNN’s opulent shindig at One Mayfair and the tackier affair at the US Embassy. I spotted Mr and Mrs Harriet Harman, Chris Bryant and Austin Mitchell enjoying the jazz band at CNN’s champagne and oyster soirée, while former chief whip Nick Brown and Diane Abbott, who never passes on a free drink, had to subsist on Big Macs, Bud and an Elvis impersonator at Grosvenor Square.

A few Tory backbenchers bobbed about the sea of red. I spied a less than chirpy Liam Fox in the wee hours; not even one of CNN’s ‘Mitt-inis’ could cheer him up. If only the Romney campaign had listened harder in the ‘long meeting about foreign policy, security as well as economics’ that Fox had held with them! But alas, all is now lost.

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