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Julia Gillard: Rather More than Just a Man's "Bitch" - Spectator Blogs

9 October 2012

3:20 PM

9 October 2012

3:20 PM

I have little to say on the subject of the, er, colourful scandal that has been entertaining Australians lately. The Speaker, one Peter Slipper, has been pushed to resignation following accusations of sexual harassment and, well, much else besides.

However – and no matter what you think of her politics – there’s much to admire in the manner in which Julia Gillard, the Prime Minister, sets about Tony Abbott, the leader of the opposition. Anyone who admires the cut and thrust of parliamentary theatre and debate will enjoy these 15 minutes. Mr Abbott does not look best amused. But then he’s just been carved to pieces so he wouldn’t would he?

Watch the video here. (Apologies: technical problems are preventing me from embedding video in the Spectator’s site. This will be solved eventually. I hope.)

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