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Geopolitics in the 21st Century

3 October 2012

9:56 AM

3 October 2012

9:56 AM

Some dog-munching old thug from Pyongyang has been addressing the United Nations, warning that his country is the ‘world’s hotspot’ and a spark could trigger a thermonuclear war.

It’s quite possible I’m wrong about this, as I am wrong about a lot of things, but North Korea worries me far less than one supposes it should. Partly because it is so far away. And partly because the North Koreans are utterly useless and their fatuous ideology is shared by nobody else in the world (apart from one or two academics in British universities). Even a country as thoroughly grim as China finds Pyongyang ludicrous and insupportable; when push comes to shove, the country is utterly alone. And none of its missiles seem to work. So much for juche, then.

Islamists worry me more because there are lots of them and – when push comes to shove again – they tend to agree with one another when faced with the infidel. Is this mature and considered reading of early twenty first century geopolitics correct, d’you think?

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